Tuesday, November 30, 2010

@uthentic Favorites...take ONE!

Who is authentic?!
What is authentic?!
Why authentic?!

Let me make this easy for you...Authentic is You! I know, cliche..but it's true. Authentic was formed to showcase female artistry AND to physically bring people together who simply love music and art and want to know the latest in both categories.

We're like..your favorite past time, or at least want to be.

This blog right here....is the outlet in which I will communicate with you because I'm taking a MUCH needed break to just breathe and work on some big projects for 2011.

I have to say, it's been fun partying with all of you! But every now and then...a break is needed, right?! ;-) so i'm taking it.

I wanted to continue to stay active and share with you the many things I find pleasure in. It's true...Authentic was formed because i'm a bit selfish and created something i felt was missing in Philly. As a writer, lover of music and the visual arts...i wanted all of those things in one place.

But, as any goal..once its made, you should ask yourself...What's Next! This is the platform for that next step ;-)

So, without further discourse, I shall jump start @uthentic Favorites!

Today being World AIDS Day! I saw it fitting to expose one of the many campaigns targeting raising funds for children living with HIV/AIDS. Keep a Child Alive promoted their BUY LIFE campaign by featuring celebrities in t-shirts that can be purchased by you...and proceeds will benefit children and the programs and services Keep a Child Alive develops. And, if you don't want a shirt...you can simply donate $..as every penny helps.

Most of you may know that I have a sincere obsession with music...and culture associated with specific music. AfroPunk is one of them...i have been an avid follower of AfroPunk since 2004...and I LOVE what the documentary brought to the Black community of punk music lovers and for those punk music lovers (like me) who never found a place to fit-in musically because many didn't realize that rock is...ahem, Black music!

So, this past summer..AfroPunk hosted their annual festival in Brooklyn and featured an artist we adore so much, Lichiban of nyc!! She's a favorite and anything she does is @uthentic...so if you're in nyc...you should check out the event she's involved in this Saturday!
You can find more information >>here<< href="http://www.artst.com/">ARTST>>its a cool network community for artists of all mediums!

And let me also get out that Authentic is for everyone and not simply for artists...though we feature them. Everyone has a creative side...and most can say they like new music and/or new artists to view...so don't hesitate to send me things I should know about based on YOUR interest ;-)

until tomorrow.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


We're giving you all that you like...with a little "in yo face" action!!
It's our last party for 2010..so we're celebrating our hard work..by playing even harder ;-)

We're at our usual spot, The Arts Garage (1533 Ridge Avenue)
DJ shErOck | Selina Carrera | Out the Basement Band
food..bi-level..outdoor/indoor...you already know the deal!

$5 all night | $3 mixed drinks until 12am

we're turning in to get our rest...hope to see you later tonight ;-)


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

it's been a HOT minute!

Since we last spoke.
I know, we're bad....
Forgive us, we're just working on a few ahem! many things for YOU! so, we're confident that you'll appreciate our hiatus and welcome us back with open arms ;-)


Upcoming for you, we have AMBUSHED!!! November 12th, our last party for 2010 @ The Arts Garage (1533 Ridge Avenue) 10-2am (rough) ;-)

We're bringing you DJ shErOck of NYC (but of course) and Selina Carrera along with Out the Basement Band!!! Live artists are swinging by and $3 mixed drinks are on deck until midnight! All of that for $5 allll night!

We play no games!!!

But, we also want to get back to introducing you to artists that we think ROCK and are quite AUTHENTIC ;-)
Check out Rox..i personally have been playing her album on repeat since it was shoved in my car CD player..so check her out and let me know what you think!

until next time
be authentic | live authentic


Monday, August 9, 2010

The Beer of Choice ;-}

We're so very excited to announce that Heineken has officially become a corporate sponsor for the Artists for Social Change | Battle of the Canvas 2010!! on August 28, 2010 4pm-12am!
We have also confirmed the live musicians and DJ sets...this is going to be BANANAS!!!!!

Consider this another official ARTIST CALL for all visual artists...it only makes sense. Why wouldn't you want to be a part of a city-wide event that will showcase your work to hundreds of people and media outlets?!?!

no brainer...right?!

so, click here and register!! $25 will grant you a 40/80 canvas|food|drink...you can NOT beat that!!! come on!

Deadline is August 22, however...you'll want to reserve your spot TODAY!!!

Go ahead...click...fill out the form...pay and start thinking about your creative process.

We look forward to seeing what you got!!! The BATTLE is on...


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

@uthentic dreams in color ;)

Our focus is on everything concerning visual arts and music...so it was natural for us to hop on the opportunity to curate the first annual Artists for Social Change | Battle of the Canvas 2010!! event.

This is for all visual artists that want to make a difference...visually ;)
We're calling all visual artists to bring out their pencils, brushes, spray cans...whatever it is that you use to create your vision on a canvas..WE WANT YOU!!!
August 28, 2010
4-midnight...soft ending ;)

Fee: $25 gets you a 48/96in canvas..food..drinks (hydration will be needed!)

But, the day will bring you more than just other artists to look at and your canvas..we're booking live musicians on a daily ;) plus DJs..it'll be something like a party with a purpose.

This event is open to the public and everyone is welcomed to come network, chill, eat, drink, dance, whatever your heart desires....
$5 w/ student ID | $10 w/o

This event is brought to you by The Arts Garage | Authentic Philly|S.Frosty Networx (SFX)|Blake Montgomery|Black Women's Arts Festival|Home News|The Ogontz Avenue Revitalization Corporation


It's been a little hectic over at @uthentic headquarters ;) We have so much going on...it's a blessing to be able to have our hands in so many artistic/creative pots!

But, for our regular scheduled event T@Boo...it's official in August! We're bringing you of course our resident DJ, DJ shEroCk of NYC but also gracing the booth will be Jovi Babyy!!! spinning from 10-12:30am!

This party is for YOU!
  • if you like to dance
  • enjoy the hip hop classics and top 40s
  • want a lil reggae in the mix
  • want to see new faces
  • enjoy having the option of being on the dance floor, patio, bar or lounge!
  • can purchase food if the belly starts to talk to ya ;)
Plus...@uthentic brings you the unexpected...we aren't your typical collective of artists/DJs/musicians.

Go ahead and mark your calendars..Friday, August 13, 2010
The Arts Garage (1533 Ridge Ave)
$5 before midnight | $7 after


Monday, June 21, 2010

AFRO-PUNK 2010 Brooklyn, NY June 25th-27th :: Mos Def,Bad Brains, J 'Davey, Game Rebellion, Ninjasonik, K-OS & more...I'll be painting

Major news just came out today thatMOS DEF is joining an already crazy line-up this Sunday June 27th at the AFRO-PUNK Festival! The Cool Kids, J*DaVeY, K-OS, Martin Luther, The Memorials, Galaxy of Tar, Bad Rabbits, DJ Lindsey will also be in the house that day. Don't miss it!!!!
The June 26th line-up is just as crazy, featuring Bad Brains,P.O.S., Game Rebellion, Ninjasonik, God Forbid, The Bots, The 54,Activator, Cipher, Belikos, DJ MU$A,D://Boi.
+ DJs, skate, BMX, art, fashion & food! June 26th & 27th atCommodore Barry Park in New York.

I'm super excited to be on board as one of the painters working on the massive 100 feet x 8 feet mural that will snake around the park.

We had a promo shoot a couple of weeks ago with some of the artists. The following behind-the scenes shots feature Coby, Rob Focused & See One, three of the dope painters who will be throwing around some paint on Saturday & Sunday. My good friend, activist & art hustla Rasu Jilani of Coup d'Etat Brooklyn was also there to support...I owe him big time for putting me on this year. Thank you!

Also, big shout out to the lovely ladies Jacqwi Campbell who shot the promo video & to Shaunna Randolph who interviewed me and took most of these shots of me below...[ehmm..that was all spontaneous fun... Shaunna is a kinky girl.] Also shout to Toshun Campbell who was on board shooting as well. I'll post Toshun's photos and Jacqwi's promo soon as well.

My girl, Toofly will be representing the female wing and the homie Benjamin Rojas from Trust Your Struggle are also part of the line-up. I mean I feel really lucky to be part of this incredible line-up..it's gonna be epic!

I just set up my page on the AFROPUNK site, connect if you're there. And come give me a shout if you're around. Also you can connect on facebook // twitter // blog // website!

HERE ARE some of my favorites of the line-up